Zuma Line - a Polish distributor and importer of lamps and lighting systems

Zuma Line is a Polish distributor and importer of lamps and lighting systems. Their extensive trading experience, excellent marketing infrastructure, design, and product quality have quickly established the brand as one of the leading lighting manufacturers in the Polish market. However, Zuma Line is not only a company that uses modern technologies in creating its products but also in its business operations, thanks to the use of Augmented Reality and 3D models in presenting its assortment.

The Architect's Zone of Zuma Line - 3D model database panel.

3D models for architects

The collaboration between Arlity and Zuma Line is almost a textbook example of how to consistently implement successive technological solutions as the business evolves, and it serves as evidence of how utilizing these technologies effectively enables sales scalability.

The Zuma Line Architect’s Zone – product configuration

Zuma Line is a client aware of the importance of comprehensive and accurate visual presentation in communication, sales, and collaboration with architects and interior designers, providing customers with the impression of almost direct contact with the product. Due to the attractive and timeless design of its successive series and products, Zuma Line quickly gained the interest of customers. With the increasing popularity of the brand, architects began to approach the company with requests for 3D models of products that they could use in their projects. This led to the initiation of cooperation with Arlity in creating advanced and high-quality 3D models. Their proper technical optimization allowed for the establishment of a solid base of models for interior designers and decorators, subsequently initiating another stage of cooperation between Arlity and Zuma Line, namely the Architect’s Zone.

The Architect’s Zone by Zuma Line – 3D product visualizer

The Architect's Zone by Arlity - A Reliable Database and Information Hub for Zuma Line Products

The implementation of the Architect’s Zone at Zuma Line was a result of the excellent reception of the 3D models by designers. The Zone is a PIM (Product Information Management System) tool enriched with an incredibly user-friendly interface and resource filtering. The system gathers descriptive data, specifications, but above all, Zuma Line’s 3D product models in one place and in multiple formats tailored to the diverse software used by architects and interior designers. Arlity Architect’s Zone is a cloud-based tool that not only collects data and allows for easy updates but also serves as a backup solution, ensuring the safety of stored information.

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The Architect Zone built for Zuma Line is a tool that naturally evolved as the business grew and customer interest in the B2B brand increased. With its simple interface, filtering options based on features and formats, and clear presentation of products, including 3D visualizations, Arlity’s technology serves as one of the pillars of trust and excellent collaboration between designers and the Zuma Line brand.

Zuma Line in Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality (AR) technology-based application dedicated to Zuma Line has served not only specialists but also consumers. The application has been integrated with the e-commerce store to support customers in the purchasing process and in matching the selected product to their interior. Interestingly, it has also proven successful in brick-and-mortar stores. The Zuma Line team’s experience in conducting trade marketing activities has been instrumental here. The seemingly simple solution of promoting the AR Zuma Line application (powered by Arlity) in the form of leaflets available to customers in physical stores turned out to be a bull’s-eye. Introducing brochures and stands with QR codes directing to the dedicated AR application effectively encouraged store customers to test the capabilities of Augmented Reality in selecting the most suitable product from the entire range.

The AR technology used in the Arlity application allows for overlaying a virtual product model onto the image from a smartphone or tablet camera in real time. Importantly, the generated visualization presents the product in a 1:1 scale relative to the room (with an accuracy of up to 2 mm!). In just a few clicks, the customer can see their room with lamps already placed on the floor, walls, or ceiling, or even with the entire Zuma Line lighting system. All of this is done with perfect size, style, and color matching of the products.

The impact of Augmented Reality and 3D technology on Zuma Line's sales success

As indicated by statistics from research on Augmented Reality, over half of customers willingly engage with AR applications during shopping. Visualizing a product in its intended space serves as a strong persuasive factor for customers in making purchasing decisions because it allows them to test the item before buying it. The result? Increased sales and a simultaneous decrease in product returns. Zuma Line, as a manufacturer and distributor of lighting devices, understands customer needs and openly embraces modern technological solutions, thereby building a strong brand and reinforcing its position as an expert in the lighting industry. As you can see, with fantastic results!

Arlity is a technological partner of Zuma Line.

The longstanding collaboration between Arlity and the Zuma Line brand is an example of effectively responding to the growing needs of a business partner resulting from the expansion of the business scale. Furthermore, each subsequent implementation of 3D and AR technologies has positively contributed to the development of the Zuma Line brand in the market. As statistics show, in the lighting industry, such solutions directly translate into sales.