Case Study: Development of Thoro Lighting with Arlity Cloud Platform solutions

**Thoro Lighting** is a Polish manufacturer of unique lamps and lighting fixtures. Thoro is a leading provider of modern and designer lamps, frequently chosen by designers and consumers alike. The brand engages in multi-channel sales and focuses on modernity and innovation not only in its product assortment but also in the technologies supporting its commercial […]

Case Study: 3D Wall-beds Configurator for Lenart Meble

Lenart (DIG-NET Lenart sp. z o.o. sp. k.) is one of the most recognizable and highly esteemed Polish furniture manufacturers by customers. Lenart’s product line mainly focuses on storage furniture, catering to furnishing entire living spaces. Among its most intriguing products offered to customers both online and through distributors is the wall-bed. This particular product […]

Case study: 3D Configurator for Corsiva Yachting Boats and Yachts

Luxury goods represent a unique category of products. The highest quality of goods goes hand in hand with high prices and availability only to selected users. In the case of this group of products, perfect alignment with the customer’s expectations, preferences, and needs is particularly crucial. Luxury boats and yachts undoubtedly belong to such luxury […]

Konfigurator 3D produktów Arlity Ergonome biurka ergonomiczne case study

Case Study: 3D Ergonomic Desk Configurator for Ergonome

Within just a year, the 3D configurator allowed them to automate and expedite the order fulfillment process from several days to just one day. Currently, 40% of their product sales result from using this tool. The 3D product configurator also represents an innovation in the tech industry, attracting many potential customers to the company. This […]