The contemporary e-commerce landscape is extremely dynamic. Companies must meet the challenges arising from the latest trends in online trading, strongly influenced by new technologies, social media, and increasingly sophisticated marketing strategies and tools used for their implementation, as well as unique marketing campaigns. One of the technologies that has been changing, or rather revolutionizing, both online commerce and marketing for several years now is Augmented Reality (AR).

Learn how to use Augmented Reality in e-commerce from this article.

Augmented Reality (AR) in e-commerce

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology that changes and enhances the appearance of the real world by overlaying digital information onto it. AR is a relatively new technology in the context of sales, which is why it has only recently become important for the e-commerce industry. By utilizing AR in e-commerce, customers can virtually try on and test products such as clothing, jewelry, makeup, as well as view products like furniture, tools, or even architectural elements in their real environment.

Whether you are looking for an app for trying on clothes in Augmented Reality for your clothing store, or you need a solution for interactive presentation of furniture and custom-made products, there are perfectly integrated AR tools that will surely meet the needs of your business.

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E-commerce and customer shopping experience

More and more companies are realizing that it is augmented reality technology that can improve customer experience and increase sales in the most unique and effective way. Therefore, software and applications such as Arlity Cloud, offering tools for utilizing AR in e-commerce, are becoming increasingly popular, also in the Polish market.

Internet users are familiar with the concepts of virtual and augmented reality, but many still use these terms interchangeably or consider them to be the same type of technology. However, in reality, this is not true. Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two different technologies, each of which can bring different value to the online sales market.

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How to use AR in e-commerce?

How to use Augmented Reality technology in e-commerce? Augmented Reality (AR) in retail, as well as in the B2B channel, can be extremely useful for businesses. This technology allows customers to interact more fully with products available online, making them make more informed, thoughtful, and confident purchases. Additionally, Augmented Reality technology makes the shopping experience much more enjoyable and engaging for customers.

Platforms like Arlity Cloud, offering comprehensive and fully integrated tools for 3D visualization and AR, are becoming not only useful but also extremely attractive business solutions for companies and the e-commerce industry. Arlity Cloud helps create an interactive digital product catalog in Augmented Reality technology, as well as attractive and helpful 3D visualizations and animations for websites and e-commerce platforms. With such solutions, customers can better familiarize themselves with the product, view it from every angle, and learn about its unique features.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality in e-commerce

Benefits for e-commerce businesses from using Augmented Reality in selling products online have been confirmed by numerous examples.

  1. AR allows to reduce returns – in 2018, UPS estimated that 27% of consumers returned products they purchased online because, upon receiving the items, they were not as described on the website. Augmented Reality technology, combined with 3D visualizations, can help reduce the number of returns and therefore decrease the number of dissatisfied customers by showing them exactly what they are getting – from every angle and in much greater detail.

2. Brand and product closer to the customer, improving the shopping experience and customer engagement – for the online shopper, AR is a solution that allows them to get to know the product in great detail, customize it to their needs, and also see it in their own space, engaging the user in interaction with the brand and products. It is a substitute for a visit to a physical store, allowing the customer to order products even from the other side of the world without the risk of a wrong purchase. And a satisfied customer gains a positive relationship and opinion about the brand, increasing the chances of repeat purchases. According to statistics, 76% of customers would buy more online if they had the opportunity to test the product before purchasing, for example, through AR.

76% konsumentó kupowałoby więcej, gdyby miało możliwość sprawdzenia produktu przed zakupem

3. Competitive advantage, tailored to sales and marketing strategy – AR allows companies to stand out from the competition, effectively reach customers. Users love tools that make shopping easier or even allow for product customization, for example, through a 3D product configurator. This in turn speeds up the purchasing process.

4. The way for modern marketing and promotion in social media – advertising campaigns utilizing immersive AR effects such as outdoor FOOH campaigns or filters used in product promotion on social media quickly gain viral status, meaning advertisements that become a mass phenomenon due to the attractiveness of the message, which becomes widely known and discussed. These unique engaging messages cause internet users, curious visitors to websites and e-commerce portals to become customers. The power of the “wow” effect generates interest in the brand or product, ultimately leading to a purchase.

The majority of consumers shop online, so it is increasingly important for companies to adopt new and innovative technologies that allow customers to make safe, easy, and secure purchases in online stores. For the store, this assurance means reducing logistics costs and returns, thus limiting the weak points of online commerce. Returns are also a cumbersome process for consumers, so purchase certainty increases the likelihood of repeat purchases from the same seller.

Arlity Targi eHandlu

How to introduce 3D and AR technologies into e-commerce and where to start?

Implementation of technological solutions is best left to specialists in this field, thanks to whom not only will the solutions work flawlessly, but they will also not burden the sales platform. The company with the greatest experience in the Polish market, but also one of the most recognized on foreign markets, in providing comprehensive 3D and AR solutions, is Arlity. Consultation with an Arlity expert will allow you to choose a tool perfectly tailored to the needs of your store.

What should you keep in mind when planning to implement 3D and AR in your business?

1) Make sure that your AR application works smoothly and reliably to avoid causing discouragement and frustration among users. In this matter, rely on a software provider to ensure safety and ease of use.

2) Ensure high-quality 3D models, visualizations, and animations that perfectly reflect the appearance of products. Check out Arlity’s visualization portfolio.

3) Simplicity and intuitiveness – provide consumers with intuitive tools that are easy to use and limit unnecessary information so that the customer can find all the information they need in the application to make a purchase decision and proceed with the purchase process.

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