Wersal is a leading furniture manufacturer in the Polish market. It’s a brand that unquestionably focuses on excellent design and modernity. Wersal sets trends not only by creating new products and collections but also by shaping standards in communication, product presentation, and partner relations. That’s why Wersal was one of the first companies on the market to introduce the Wersal AR (Augmented Reality) application, allowing consumers and architects to visualize the brand’s products in any room before making a purchase. The Wersal AR application was showcased, among other places, at the Meble Polska Furniture Fair in Poznań, marking one of the more intriguing highlights of the event in terms of modern technologies.

Katalog produktów, konfiguracja produktu w 3D, Wizualizacja produktu w rozszerzeonej rzeczywistości

Wersal at the Meble Polska Furniture Fair

Every year at the Meble Polska Furniture Fair, Wersal impresses with its style, new products, and the concept of its exhibition stand. Visitors couldn’t be disappointed seeing the brand’s bestselling products as well. However, despite Wersal’s booth being one of the largest at the Poznań fair, for a manufacturer with such a wide range of offerings, it’s impossible to showcase all models, fabrics, and product options during the event. The solution that allows the brand to present a broader range than just the models available at the booth has become the Wersal AR application.

Wersal AR Application for Consumers and Architects

The Wersal AR application serves as a tool for consumers, supporting the purchasing process and enabling the selection of the perfect furniture piece for the client’s space. However, during trade fairs, Wersal used the AR application as a modern and interactive way to showcase its catalog offering. The resources of the product database and upholstery fabrics in the Wersal AR application are regularly updated and continuously expanded. Currently, Wersal boasts the largest database of products and upholstery fabrics in the industry, which can be viewed in 3D and Augmented Reality. This enabled architects, business partners of the brand, buyers, and distributors attending the Meble Polska Furniture Fair to not only view products in Augmented Reality but especially to see new and bestselling models in the latest available fabrics. Wersal sales representatives enthusiastically used the application during the event to present products to business partners.

Augmented Reality in Wersal's showroom

Wersal places great emphasis on product presentation, ensuring meticulous detail at their exhibition stands. Recently, Wersal also opened its product showroom where, similar to trade shows, they showcase both new releases and bestsellers. Here too, the AR application serves specialists attending to clients in the showroom, acting as a modern product catalog with a unique feature for presenting products in Augmented Reality.

Przestrzeń wystawowa na targach mebli

As a trend-setting brand in the furniture industry, Wersal continuously expands the resources of its AR application and consistently utilizes Augmented Reality as a key element in promoting products and building competitive advantage in the market. Wersal enjoys leading the development direction of the furniture market, particularly in terms of modern technologies.

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