Instead of a museum guide – the AR & Video application

How to reduce the costs associated with the employment of tourist guides in one of the city’s main historical facilities visited by thousands of tourists every year? The Croats found the answer. In Barone Fortress, one of the 4 historic strongholds formerly defending this city, an application combining video materials, rendered models of the extended city and materials presented in Augmented Reality was used to tell the turbulent history of Šibenik.

Rento of the tablet with the AR & Video application included in the ticket price

Tourists receive access to virtual content in the ticket price. In the information point they can pick up the device with the application installed, and then discover more materials. In the first phase of the project, the user received special AR glasses, now it is a tablet.

Tablet z aplikacją AR&Video - muzeum w twierdzy Barona, Szybenik, Chorwacja

The AR & Video application has been prepared in 5 languages: Croatian, English, German, Russian and Italian. The user has to go through 11 stages of travel, during which he can see the renders of the old city and fortresses and 3D animations, as well as meet in Augmented Reality two guides: a modern teenage boy and a medieval chronicler.

Engaging storytelling that you will remember faster!

The whole engages the recipient, allows to understand and remember the history of the city. It is much more attractive and convincing than the plaques with descriptions present in many museums that majority of visitors do not read. Here, the museum guest gets attractive material, adapted in form to his interests and preferences.

In addition to the publicity caused by this idea and the change in the way the museum is perceived, this project certainly allowed to achieve additional, very practical goals.

The museum is visited every year by thousands of tourists from different countries. His goal is certainly to spread knowledge about the city’s history. To be able to do this through hired guides, they would have to speak at least several foreign languages. An application with AR elements solves this problem without generating salary costs. Additionally, it provides many attractive visualizations, it can be operated in several languages and each tourist can visit the museum individually, at their own pace.

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