A 3D product configurator is an indispensable tool for manufacturers and distributors who are expanding their range with dedicated, modular, and customizable products tailored perfectly to customer needs. The trend of product personalization and configuration is currently one of the main pillars of e-commerce sales, so it’s worth considering implementing a 3D configurator if your online store offers products such as furniture, interior decorations, bathroom fixtures and fittings, or customizable clothing. So, how do you create a 3D configurator for your website? Which configurator is best to choose, and how should you prepare for the implementation process? What do you need to prepare, and how long will it take to get your configurator? You will find out all of this from this article.

Lenart Meble 3D configurator by ARLITY

Konfigurator dla e-commerce - jaki wybrać?

For websites and e-commerce, there are two types of configurators available – 2D and 3D. 2D configurators belong to an older and less functional generation, which is generally not used in online stores anymore. 3D configurators, operating on modern Arlity Cloud software, are continuously supported and come with full technical support, ensuring they are updated for functionality and secure for your website. It’s important to remember that outdated plugins and solutions expose your e-commerce site to vulnerabilities, so choosing a 3D configurator from a trusted provider and software developer is crucial.

Besides being a modern technological solution, a 3D configurator also includes features that facilitate shopping for the customer, thereby increasing the likelihood of making a purchase.

Opting for a Software as a Service (SaaS) system-type configurator is also the best choice, as it doesn’t burden the software on which your website or online store operates. Additionally, this type of configurator from Arlity is a low-code tool, allowing for quick implementation without the need to hire additional personnel for its management and installation.

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What is the difference between 2D and 3D configurator?

The 3D configurator differs from the 2D configurator in terms of features and the scope of conditions that can be applied to independently configure products. With a 3D product configurator, numerous rules and conditions can be introduced, allowing for the creation of advanced, detailed, and multi-element configurations.

An advantage of the 3D configurator is also the way the product is presented as a result of the configuration – the product is displayed on the screen as a 3D visualization, enabling viewing from multiple dimensions, in detail, and from every angle. The view can be zoomed in or out to see the smallest details of the item from any perspective.

Importantly, the product visualization can be animated to showcase additional features or product capabilities. For example, in the case of case furniture such as chests of drawers, in a 3D configurator, one can create a piece of furniture that meets expectations in terms of size, color, finishing elements, and accessories (handles, legs) and check functionalities – such as the direction of door openings, the range of lighting, or the extent of drawer opening. Furthermore, furniture created in the 3D configurator can also be “displayed” in one’s own space through Augmented Reality (AR) visualization.

The 3D configurator for wall-beds is one of themajor elements of sales and order optimization for us. Everyone uses the configurator – designers, consumers, Lenart employees, and soon, thanks to the Arlity platform, we will be making the Lenart 3D configurator available to our business partners to support their sales on e-commerce platforms as well as in traditional stores.
Marzena Uram
Lenart Meble

How does a 3D configurator work?

The 3D configurator is a tool that allows for creating products in various configurations. By setting configuration rules that can be tailored to each product, the configurator is suitable for small online stores with products having only a few variables (such as color or upholstery type), as well as for large e-commerce platforms with highly complex products.

The configurator incorporates predefined rules, combining product components and dynamically calculating the price. With automatically calculated and dynamic pricing, the 3D configurator adjusts the price accordingly with every product variant change, allowing customers to see the final price before purchasing. For example, when buying a bed, customers can choose dimensions of 140, 160, or 180 cm, and select a headboard in basic or premium fabric. Each change in dimension or upholstery type results in a price adjustment.

Critical for logistics, warehouse, and production departments, the 3D configurator generates a comprehensive product specification, ensuring accurate assembly.

Moreover, the 3D configurator guarantees correct and error-free configurations. By adhering to well-defined configuration rules and conditions, the tool prevents the combination of incompatible elements that could hinder proper product use.

B2B 3D Configurator for Corsiva Yachting by Arlity

Where to start to get a 3D configurator for a website?

The starting point for a 3D configurator is the 3D models of products. The 3D product model for the 3D configurator should be created by an experienced graphic designer specializing in creating 3D shapes and exported in the appropriate format. Importantly, for a 3D configurator, refining the details of the product model is crucial to accurately represent the appearance of the item in visualizations. Therefore, it is recommended to commission 3D modeling to professionals and specialists in this field. A 3D graphic designer will prepare the 3D model to the required quality. Once correctly created, the 3D model can be modified for e-commerce and manufacturing purposes, utilized in visualizations, animations, renders on white backgrounds, and realistic arrangements.

It is also important to define the scope of product variants precisely to set up configuration rules correctly. Professional companies specializing in 3D configurators, such as Arlity, have teams of experts and assign a client manager who supports the client throughout the entire process of preparing to implement the configurator on the website and during the tool’s operation. Moreover, they take on a significant portion of product preparation for the configurator.

a solution for both B2B and B2C platforms

30 days

implementation of the configurator in just 30 business days

available at a low subscription fee

Augmented Reality function

The latest solutions in 3D configurators enable product visualization in Augmented Reality (AR). The AR visualization feature allows users to see a virtual product in their environment using devices such as smartphones. The “See in Room” AR function is particularly useful, for example, in furniture sales, allowing customers to check how well the furniture fits into their space in terms of dimensions, style, or even color coordination.

AR solutions are also applied in stores selling clothing, cosmetics, jewelry, and eyewear. AR virtual try-ons enable customers to test products without leaving their homes. Brands like Agata Meble, IKEA, Lenart Meble, and Meble Wersal are already using Augmented Reality. Similarly, brands such as Maybelline, Michael Kors, Dior, and Nike offer these AR features to their customers.

3D Configurator - price

The major advantage of Arlity Cloud’s 3D configurator is its availability at a low subscription cost (SaaS model). This is highly beneficial for growing e-commerce stores and companies looking to integrate new technology into their business without incurring high initial costs. The subscription-based solution, without lengthy contractual commitments, is currently the most optimal form of collaboration.

The implementation and preparation for collaboration are overseen by an experienced project manager who guides the client through the entire process of preparation, execution, and operation of the configurator. Here’s how it works step by step:

1) Understanding client needs and consumer expectations: Initially, a consultant will discuss all details regarding expectations, functions, and rules necessary for customers to independently configure your products.

2) 3D Models: If you already have 3D product models, the technical and graphics team will assess them for suitability in the 3D configurator. Importantly, most existing 3D models not originally intended for configurator use can be adjusted without needing to recreate them from scratch. However, if you don’t have 3D models, Arlity’s graphic designers can create them for you, tailored for extensive use. The cost for 3D models starts from 85 PLN net. We also create 3D models for architects.

3) Project and implementation within 30 working days: Within 30 working days of receiving all necessary materials and information, we work on your configurator, present you with a test version, and then implement the configurator. This process does not strain your system or your staff, as the 3D configurator solution is system-level, requiring only the implementation of code into your website or e-commerce platform.

The monthly costs of Arlity’s 3D configurator are comparable to the average budget for Google Ads for a small e-commerce store.

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