Coca Cola builds history and warms the image in Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is increasingly appearing in the marketing activities of known brands. In one of the latest campaigns, Coca Cola also used it, creating with Oglivy Mexico and the creator of visual effects Timber a narrative campaign in which a can of drink allows you to resolve conflicts. Coca Cola in augmented reality becomes a positive hero.

See a video showing Coca Cola in Augmented Reality relieving feuds

There are three episodes in the marketing campaign. The heroes of the first story are children on the beach, whose quarrel is caused by the piercing of the beach ball by the sun umbrella, the second story is about a couple who drops popcorn in the cinema, while the third presents fans of opposing teams hitting the drums. All conflicts end when Coca Cola appears in the spotlight. It becomes a symbol of solution to problems and a reason for agreement.

Augmented Reality permeates other communication channels

Carbonated drink brands are increasingly turning to Augmented Reality to activate their fans and make their brand image more attractive. Fanta, belonging to the Coca Cola group, has used Augmented Reality, combining content in this technology on Snapa with OOH communication and creating an engaging ad targeted at teenagers.
Pepsi, in turn, started the #Summergram campaign in May this year. As part of this project, she made available hundreds of holiday AR filters on Instagram, available after scanning the QR code available on the packaging.

Global brands are increasingly turning to Augmented Reality technology with traditional communication channels. The infiltration of these forms becomes inevitable if the communication is to reach many customer groups at the same time. We are waiting impatiently for the implementation of domestic brands.

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