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video catalogue of products in AR 1024x547

04 Oct: Video catalog of products – Alubest case study

Client: Alubest - distributor of advanced sublimation printers, pigment printers and UV printers. Purpose: To extend the information contained in printed product catalogs with interactive video content, Printed materials are and will always be a useful tool in B2B communication. However, today this communication requires additional support. Connecting the real world and ...
clothes designing and personalization online

31 Jul: 3D design in personalization of clothing – case study

Personalization of products and their adaptation to individual customer requirements are particularly important today. Especially in the fashion industry, where short and individually designed clothes series allow designers to stand out from the competition. ARLITY solutions allow you to take full advantage of the personalization trend and offer unique clothing to customers who value i...
Visualization products in augmented reality

11 Jul: Augmented Reality in B2B – tools for Sales REpresentatives – case study

Sales activities of competing companies in an increasingly saturated market require precision and personalization. This also applies at every level of marketing communication. Augmented Reality gives you the opportunity to visualize products and solutions that until now required prototype preparation. ARLITY tools solve the problem of presenting personalized products faced by mobile B2...