For over 10 years, they have been setting trends in the market for garden equipment, landscape architecture, and outdoor products. Their industry is developing extremely quickly, and they understand the needs of the architects they collaborate with very well. In response to the need for efficient work with 3D models and product information, as well as the functional organization of the database, they decided to implement innovative software such as the Architect Zone. We tell the story of the success of the Garden Space brand using the most advanced tool for cooperation with architects – the Arlity Architect’s Zone.

Garden Space – market leader in outdoor and garden equipment

Garden Space is undoubtedly the market leader in the category of garden furniture, garden equipment, and landscape architecture. It is the first multi-brand company in Poland offering such a wide range of outdoor products. Garden Space is an experienced player, and its success in the industry and the trust of customers – both designers and consumers – are attributed to its flexibility in action and quick response to signals from its main audience group, namely architects. However, the position of industry leader also brings inevitable challenges and a constant need for service improvement. After all, heavy is the head that wears the crown.

Aterfa Architekta Garden Space Arlity największa oferta mebli ogordowych

Collaboration with architects

Collaboration with architects is one of several, but at the same time, the main sales channels for Garden Space. The brand pays particular attention to cooperation with designers and decorators because this group of customers essentially sets trends in the field of outdoor decor, furnishings, and decorations. Architects are responsible for developing awareness of these trends among end-users. They also create projects and assist consumers in making final purchasing decisions, thereby building trust in Garden Space as a supplier of outdoor and garden products. Hence, collaboration with architects constitutes a core source of brand development and decision-making.

Solution to challenges in collaboration with architects

Being a leader requires maintaining, and even setting, industry standards. Introducing each new collection entails updating the catalog of 3D product models, which, however, was not always simple and easily accessible for architects. “Before implementing Arlity Architect’s Zone, architects told us that the files we provided in the database were too large, lacked formats, which caused problems with downloading materials, and there was no possibility of working with them. Moreover, the process of sending files with models to architects was cumbersome and time-consuming for us. The implementation of Arlity Architect’s Zone solved all these problems,” explains Anna Rytt, an expert and representative of the sales department at Garden Space.

Arlity Architect’s Zone

The Arlity Architect’s Zone is software available within the Arlity Cloud – an extensive cloud-based tool designed for manufacturers and distributors who want to reach customers with the most comprehensive product presentations. The functionalities of the Architect’s Zone directly address the needs of companies collaborating with architects. It is one of the most advanced tools of its kind on the market and the only one integrated with Augmented Reality technology, as well as fully compatible with applications such as 3D configurators or PIM 3D, also available in the Arlity cloud.

Sterfa Architekta Garden Space Arlity biblioteka modeli 3d

Modele 3D dla Strefy Architekta

The implementation process of the Architect’s Zone was preceded by optimizing the existing 3D models of products that Garden Space already had in its library, but which were not previously sufficiently functional for architects. Arlity also undertook the creation of new 3D models of products in all variants. These prepared models became the perfect foundation for further expansion of the library and were ready for integration into the Architect’s Zone resources.

Arlity Architect’s Zone – benefits for the brand and architects

Garden Space clearly points out the benefits of implementing the Architect Zone. For the brand, it is a tool that allows for building a qualitative and functional database, gathering all product information and materials in one place. The database is transparent, and presenting the offered products is much more efficient. As a result, Garden Space has also seen positive changes in the promotion and marketing of these products, directly impacting sales results.

On the other hand, for designers and decorators, using the Architect Zone improves work efficiency – the product offering with photos is clear, making it easier to search for specific items. Files are available in multiple formats and are compatible with any 3D software on the market. Additionally, the database also contains organized information about product configurations and color variants. Also crucial for Garden Space, the Architect Zone allows for easy management of the content shared with architects – depending on the needs, resources can be further expanded.

Aterfa Architekta Garden Space Arlity

Garden Space Architect’s Zone

However, these are not the only functionalities of the Architect Zone that are applicable in the daily work of the Garden Space team and their collaborating architects. The Architect Zone is primarily a space that ensures complete data security, as the platform guarantees cloud backup by Arlity. The database updates automatically, so there is no need to add the same content in multiple places to efficiently share it with partners and clients. The Arlity Architect Zone has also been equipped with marketing tools, allowing for the management of promotions, new releases, adding banners, or assigning individual discounts. Garden Space has full control over the database of collaborating architects, which is a unique tool in communication and relationship building. With potential future export development in mind, the Architect Zone has various language versions. What was extremely important for Garden Space is the fact that the Zone has the ability to establish access restrictions for unregistered users, which has been applied in this case.

The tool for sharing 3D models and communication

The Garden Space Architect Zone is a closed space accessible only to architects and designers collaborating with the brand. This is due to the simple reason of information delivery, communication, and database management. Feedback from partners is crucial for us to improve functionalities, resources, or even to eliminate them if they do not yield results and generate unnecessary costs for the brand. To obtain such feedback, we decided to limit access to the database we are creating, and when building the Architect Zone with Arlity, we emphasized how important this option is in our case. This feature greatly facilitates our work and communication,” emphasizes Anna Rytt.

This configuration of the Architect Zone gives Garden Space full control over the shared resources and their security. This is particularly important in the context of working with architects. Designers collaborating with Garden Space are the first to receive information about new collections, making the space exclusive from a business perspective and strengthening Garden Space’s position as a market leader that sets and introduces new trends.

“The Virtual Terrace” – Garden Space AR application

Another exceptional feature of the Architect’s Zone, distinguishing the tool from other 3D model and product libraries, is the integrated application based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The Virtual Terrace by Garden Space, as the dedicated application is named, allows users to “try on and test” products from the Garden Space offer before making a purchase, in order to perfectly match garden furniture and architecture to the space. The application is aimed at both professionals – architects and decorators – as well as individual users. It is simple and intuitive to use and works on devices with Android and iOS systems.

Thanks to the application, architects can quickly change equipment in the presence of investors during the project details determination process, without the need to render a new visualization. Everything happens in just a few clicks in the AR application, and after a moment, the client can check on the screen of their smartphone how a new corner garden sofa or table looks, for example, on an as yet undeveloped terrace.

Feedback for development

Garden Space is a company that is definitely open to innovation and committed to collaboration. They effectively implement their development motto based on feedback, also in cooperation with Arlity. The teams of Arlity and Garden Space are already working on implementing dedicated features for the Architect’s Zone – automatic export of selected content, direct messaging from the Zone, additional filters, and introducing redirects to the website.

“The Architect’s Zone is a key tool we use with Garden Space clients. It is used not only in direct communication with architects, designers, decorators, but also in stationary sales outlets or telephone sales. In addition to the projects and collaborations in which we participate, reaching various groups of designers, the Architect’s Zone is the central element in communication that connects everything,” summarizes Anna Rytt.

The implementation of the Architect’s Zone for Garden Space is a project that is constantly evolving, thanks to the exceptional commitment and ambitious development goals set by the Garden Space team, as a brand setting market trends.

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