**Thoro Lighting** is a Polish manufacturer of unique lamps and lighting fixtures. Thoro is a leading provider of modern and designer lamps, frequently chosen by designers and consumers alike. The brand engages in multi-channel sales and focuses on modernity and innovation not only in its product assortment but also in the technologies supporting its commercial and marketing efforts. The collaboration between Thoro Lighting and Arlity perfectly demonstrates how gradually implementing tools based on modern 3D and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies can develop sales channels and scale the business.

3D models of Thoro lamps

The collaboration between Thoro and Arlity began with a commission to create 3D models of their products. Thoro’s product range is very extensive. The core values that guide Thoro, both in terms of the products themselves and the entire presentation of the offering, are minimalism and high quality. Thoro’s products are incredibly stylish and designer-oriented, with many of them characterized by minimalism and simple forms. Therefore, to showcase the product’s virtues, attention to detail and high-quality presentation are crucial. For this reason, in the search for a contractor to create 3D models of their lamps and lighting fixtures, the most important criteria for Thoro was obtaining high-quality and appropriately optimized 3D models. This aspect was particularly important given that Thoro’s main clients are architects.

Thoro Lighting's Architect Zone – a tool for collaboration with architects

Collaboration with architects is the main sales channel for Thoro Lighting. At the same time, the brand’s product range is constantly evolving. Therefore, the company quickly recognized the need for a tool that would organize 3D models in a clear and accessible manner for designers. It was also important for the company to choose a tool that would be easy for employees to use when updating the 3D model library, specifically dedicated to collaboration with architects, designers, and interior decorators. The natural answer to this need was the Architect Zone from Arlity, a tool designed with collaboration between manufacturers and architects in mind.

Thoro's Architect Zone as a library of 3D product models

Thoro’s Architect Zone has enabled the company to efficiently manage its library of 3D models. This solution allows the brand to provide designers with 3D models in all available file formats, compatible with any design software. The resources are well-organized, and furthermore, the Architect Zone allows for the addition of technical specifications, product visualizations, and arrangements to the shared content. An undeniable advantage of the Architect Zone are its additional features, which facilitate automated communication and relationship maintenance with architects.

Thoro’s Architect Zone is an open space for architects, allowing any designer interested in the brand’s 3D product models to freely download them from the model library. However, within this solution, Thoro has the ability to restrict access to certain resources, for example, for pre-launch collections, granting access only to designers who have an ongoing collaboration with the brand.

A valuable feature in the Architect Zone is the capability to offer dedicated discounts, assigning them to specific designers or groups. This function serves to automate the sales processes.

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Safety and control over resources

However, the most crucial factor that was decisive for Thoro in implementing the Architect Zone from Arlity is the safety and complete control of the brand over its resources. Thoro’s Architect Zone is a library of 3D models that exclusively belongs to the brand, containing no resources from competing manufacturers, as found in publicly accessible databases of 3D models. Thoro maintains full control over the resources that are made public and shared, regulating the scope of access, communications, information about promotions, and special offers. Thoro’s administrator can independently position, highlight, and segment products according to the sales department’s goals or the marketing department’s communication needs. Regardless of the activities conducted in the Zone, all resources are secured with cloud backups, allowing for data restoration in case of administrator errors.

Additionally, due to Thoro Lighting’s brand development and increased presence in international markets, the Architect Zone is available in multiple language variants.

3D Product Preview and Augmented Reality Application by Thoro

While B2B sales and collaboration with architects are the main pillars of Thoro’s sales strategy, a brand with such a modern approach to business could not exist without e-commerce sales. To fully enhance product presentation on the manufacturer’s platform and online store, Thoro decided to implement 3D product preview and launch an Augmented Reality application.

Despite the highly complex project, we received full support from the Arlity team at every stage of implementation. Their professional project advisory, substantive and technical support, and comprehensive post-deployment care ensure that Arlity will undoubtedly remain our steadfast and valued business partner.
Maciej Jankowski
CEO Thoro Lighting

Both of these tools serve both consumers – online store customers, and architects. The 3D preview allows all customers to view the product from every angle in the finest detail, which is crucial for Thoro’s designer products. After viewing the 3D model, in just a few clicks, customers can transition to the Augmented Reality (AR) mobile application and see the chosen product in their own space. This is a significant convenience for consumers, for whom visualizing a particular lamp or lighting fixture in a space isn’t as straightforward as it is for an experienced designer. The AR application even allows customers without design experience to perfectly fit the product into their available space, choose the appropriate product style that harmonizes with the rest of the room, and aligns with the customer’s preferences.

Augmented Reality for architects

Architects also use Augmented Reality applications in their daily work. During meetings with investors, if necessary, designers can propose alternative lighting options directly within a rendered project. There’s no need for time-consuming generation of another render, which may be impractical during on-site client meetings, for example, at a construction site. Using the AR application, designers can show investors various models of lighting fixtures, even placing them side by side in one real-time visualization, and with a single click, share an inspirational photo of the room with the client.

Analytical data

Architects’ interest in the AR application is evident from the download statistics, originating from the Thoro Architect Zone. Globally, quarterly comparisons of application downloads show growth rates of around 15-20%.

Regarding the Architect Zone, the tool also provides the brand with data on the number of downloads for individual models, as well as the number of downloads for specific formats. This enables more precise marketing and promotional activities, such as boosting sales of products with lower turnovers by highlighting them in the Architect Zone or in multi-channel campaigns based on data obtained from the tool.

"Quarterly comparisons of downloads of Thoro's Augmented Reality application show growth rates of around 15-20%."

All these modern technological solutions, aligned with global trends in communication and e-commerce, were a natural choice for Thoro as a company unafraid of bold steps in business development and scaling.

Thoro enjoys setting trends not only in design but also in customer experience. This allows them to create a very cohesive brand image and messaging while building customer trust, brand reputation, and relationships with architects on the foundation of innovation.

Thoro Lighting’s collaboration with Arlity is a project that continues to evolve. Arlity meets the brand’s technological needs by offering flexible and tailored solutions through the Arlity Cloud Platform and providing high-quality 3D models created in ARLITY 3D Studio.

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