Lenart (DIG-NET Lenart sp. z o.o. sp. k.) is one of the most recognizable and highly esteemed Polish furniture manufacturers by customers. Lenart’s product line mainly focuses on storage furniture, catering to furnishing entire living spaces. Among its most intriguing products offered to customers both online and through distributors is the wall-bed. This particular product has become one of the company’s bestsellers.

To enhance customer experience and facilitate sales, Lenart opted to implement innovative tools from Arlity Cloud – a 3D configurator and an AR application specifically tailored for their wall-beds. These tools are currently utilized not only by online store customers but also by the company’s sales representatives and distributors.

Discover the success story of Lenart – the 3D wall-beds configurator with Augmented Reality function powered by Arlity.

Lenart wall-bed

The wall-bed is a cult furniture piece that enjoyed great popularity in Polish homes many years ago. Lenart has decided to refresh this furniture concept and created a modern version of a multifunctional piece, combining functions of sleeping, storage, relaxation, and organizing space. One of the enormous advantages of Lenart’s wall-bed is its versatility in functional solutions, availability of various color and upholstery options, lighting features, and above all, modular configuration options. These allow users to customize the furniture perfectly to their needs and available space.

Furniture configuration and customization

Lenart understands perfectly that furniture personalization and configuration are significant advantages for end customers who seek to tailor furniture to their specific conditions and needs. However, these available options required a suitable tool that would enable both store employees in physical stores and online customers of Lenart to create configurations independently. Most importantly, these configurations needed to be technically feasible to implement.

3D Configurator for e-commerce and traditional stores

Why did Lenart choose the 3D configurator from Arlity for e-commerce and traditional stores? For showroom staff and Lenart’s sales representatives, catalog-based configuration of “półkotapczan” sofas would pose significant challenges due to the complexity of each bed design. Furthermore, for end customers purchasing through e-commerce, creating a fully functional product configuration based solely on descriptive specifications or graphics depicting modules would not only be difficult but would also lead to a significant loss in conversion rates and abandoned purchases.

Therefore, right from the conceptual stage of launching the new Lenart product, the decision was made to implement a furniture configurator. This tool is designed to allow users to independently “assemble” their desired furniture in a visual, accessible, and automated manner, ensuring a seamless customer experience and reducing barriers to completing a purchase.

Arlity 3D Configurator for Lenart

The Arlity 3D Configurator provided Lenart with not only a solution to basic needs for configuring wall-beds, but also additional features such as 3D view, animation of elements, and the ability to view the product in a room using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. With the Lenartwall-beds 3D configurator, online customers can independently customize, modify, and test various module arrangements, adjust the sofa size (with fixed visibility of dimensions on-screen), sleeping surfaces, colors, and upholstery fabrics.

All changes made by the customer are instantly updated on the computer or mobile device screen, and with each configuration change, the tool automatically adjusts the furniture’s price. Customers can save or share their chosen configuration, view animations of the furniture and its functionalities, and most importantly, verify in just a few clicks whether the selected wall-bed configuration will fit the interior in terms of design and dimensions by launching a room visualization through the AR application.

3D Configurator as a solution for traditional stores

However, the Lenart 3D configurator is not exclusively dedicated to the e-commerce platform—it is also a tool for traditional stores. It serves as a tool for both Lenart’s showroom and the company’s sales department. The solution available in the showroom allows its employees to assist and advise customers in choosing the most suitable furniture. The 3D configurator enables real-time presentation of the appropriate configuration to the customer while preventing the creation of erroneous configurations that could hinder furniture assembly. The configurator automatically eliminates configurations of modules that are not technically feasible in production or would otherwise compromise the functionality of the wall-bed.

Thanks to the 3D configurator, employees at Lenart’s traditional stores or showrooms can export the configuration and create an order for the customer, providing the production department with a complete, detailed, and error-free configuration that includes all product details. This significantly speeds up not only production but also the entire order fulfillment process and logistics, ensuring prompt delivery directly to the customer.

3D Configurator for B2B and distributors

For Lenart, the configurator is also a significant tool in its relationships with B2B partners and distributors. It not only supports sales representatives handling B2B orders but is also a tool that Lenart plans to provide to its business partners in the near future. This will enable them to integrate it into their sales platforms, automating and speeding up the ordering process and enhancing its overall efficiency.

The 3D configurator for wall-beds is a major element of our sales and order optimization strategy. It is used by everyone - designers, consumers, Lenart staff, and soon, thanks to the Arlity platform, we will be rolling out the Lenart 3D configurator to more of our business partners. This will support their sales efforts on e-commerce platforms as well as in traditional stores.
Marzena Uram
Marketing Manager
Lenart Meble

Benefits of using a 3D configurator

For Lenart, implementing a single tool proved to be a solution that not only facilitated the effective market introduction of a new product but also became a sales tool across multiple channels. The 3D configurator is utilized by the e-commerce platform for directly handling consumer orders. Additionally, it serves as a tool for sales representatives and B2B transactions, supporting partner platforms, showrooms, and ytaditional stores. Moreover, by introducing the 3D configurator, Lenart set industry trends, demonstrating not only the optimal and most efficient use of the invested tool but also effectively distinguishing the product and its dedicated intuitive solution from the competition.

Lenart AR App

The AR application by Lenart is also significant for the 3D configurator, allowing customers to see the configured wall-bed directly in their space and test it before making a purchase. For furniture like the modular wall-bed, which is customized and of considerable size, spatial fit is crucial. The very concept of a sofa bed is designed to save space and offer multifunctionality. For customers purchasing this type of furniture, adjusting the dimensions of the wall-bed is crucial because they often have limited space for placing the furniture, and every centimeter matters in determining whether the piece will fit the room. Therefore, the AR application for modular, customizable furniture works exceptionally well, providing customers with full customization and confidence in their purchase decision.

Lenart wall-beds 3D configurator at Meble Polska Furniture Fair

The 3D configurator of Lenart wall-beds, in its latest – second edition, was showcased at the Lenart booth during the Meble Polska Furniture Fair. The wall-bed itself was the centerpiece product at the brand’s booth, with dedicated exhibition space. The configurator tool was discussed with B2B clients and distributors during each sales conversation. For distributors, the ability to utilize the configurator and AR application module on their own platform was not only a strong sales argument but also an inspiration to implement modern solutions from Arlity more broadly on sales platforms to achieve better conversion rates.

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