Within just a year, the 3D configurator allowed them to automate and expedite the order fulfillment process from several days to just one day. Currently, 40% of their product sales result from using this tool. The 3D product configurator also represents an innovation in the tech industry, attracting many potential customers to the company.

This case study highlights how to increase sales by meeting customer challenges and how a single tool can impact conversion rates in a manufacturer’s store, exemplified by the success story of the Ergonome brand.

Ergonome – Polish Desks for Ergonomic Workstations

Ergonome is a Polish manufacturer of ergonomic desks. The main idea behind the Ergonome brand is to create comfortable and healthy workstations. This concept perfectly aligns with current trends and user needs. Initially, the company created desks for businesses and institutions to build ergonomic workstations. However, the growing social interest in health improvement year by year, as well as the rising trend of remote work, has attracted broader attention from independent consumers to Ergonome products. This shift led to the need to streamline the functioning of the manufacturer’s e-commerce platform.

Response to the need for individual approach to the Consumer

Since the brand’s entry into the market, orders were primarily based on information contained in product sheets, marketing materials, and expert articles curated by Ergonome’s marketing department. However, the need for an individual approach to these unique yet relatively inaccessible consumer products at the time nearly necessitated steps to help consumers more vividly understand the concept of ergonomic desks, their key advantages, and how they could fit into customers’ own workspaces. The management of Ergonome consists of individuals who are not afraid of challenges, are experts in running e-commerce businesses, and readily embrace innovations, as evidenced by the brand they created. Following positive feedback and global trends, the brand decided to implement Arlity’s 3D product configurator.

Konfigurator 3D produktów Arlity Ergonome biurka ergonomiczne case study

Ergonome 3D desks configurator

The implementation of a 3D product configurator on the e-commerce platform was the most optimal response to the needs voiced by both customers and the company itself. Indeed, the model Ergonome offered its customers, enabling individual desk configuration according to their needs, had been a proven option for some time. However, the previous approach encountered a fundamental problem – customers struggled to visualize the ordered product. They specified product parameters based on specifications but did not receive visualizations. This method was also insufficiently automated and optimal in terms of user experience (UX). In search of a technological solution to this problem, the Ergonome team explored numerous configurator options available for e-commerce. They even considered implementing a 2D configurator, which did not entirely meet the expectations of the rapidly growing brand.

“Our main goal in finding a new configurator for the ergonome.pl store was to simplify and automate the preparation of sketches for personalized desk orders,” said Lukas Jeznach, Co-Founder of Ergonome. “In the previous process, the customer placed an order, we determined the placement of accessories, created a sketch, and the customer approved it. That’s when we started production, which took from several days to even a dozen days,” Jeznach added.

Product configurator by Arlity

The concept of Arlity’s 3D product configurator fully met Ergonome’s needs to offer tailor-made ergonomic desks to a wider group of individual and business customers. The tool allowed for desk configuration changes in a 360° view – altering the desktop or desk frame color could be done in real-time on automatically generated visualizations. With each adjustment in size or accessories, the price was automatically recalculated. Importantly, the configurator’s premise also included saving configurations in the cart and proceeding to purchase finalization. With such capabilities, is there a need for anything more? “We approach each customer very individually because it is the only guarantee to perfectly tailor our tools to the needs, expectations, and requirements of the customer,” says Bartosz Kotlarski, President of Arlity. “In the case of Ergonome, we knew we were dealing with a company that creates products for very demanding customers, so we jointly decided that the 3D desk configurator must be enhanced with an option that allows for full customization of the desk to the user’s needs. We proposed combining the configurator with an AR application,” Kotlarski explains.

The Ergonome AR application, based on Augmented Reality technology, allowed customers to test their self-created desk configuration and place the generated product visualization in the space of their own office or apartment at a 1:1 scale. This combination quickly proved to be a bullseye.

konfigurator 3d ergonome arlity

Ergonome 3D configurator with Augmented Reality (AR) function

The idea of using Augmented Reality somewhat turned the tide of the project, and initially, Arlity implemented only the AR option on the Ergonome platform. It was equipped with a limited range of specific, ready-made product variants that were the most popular and frequently chosen by customers in online orders. The feature sparked customer interest, accelerating the design processes and introducing a simple 3D configurator with the ability to change individual elements of desks according to preferences. However, once again, growing customer needs quickly led to the introduction of an even more advanced version, offering a full range of product variant configurations, creating real-time 3D visualizations, allowing customers to “try on” the desk in their own space using the AR application, and facilitating quick online purchase finalization on the Ergonome platform.

“Now the customer chooses all components of the desk themselves and places them where they belong using the 3D configurator. Additionally, we also avoid sending additional photos or videos presenting the product because the customer tries such a desk in the room or office instantly, thanks to the AR application,” explains Lukas Jeznach.

The impact of configuration capabilities on the sales effectiveness of Ergonome ergonomic desks.

The full functionality of the configurator quickly began to directly impact sales. “85% of Ergonome’s customers are in the B2C segment. Currently, 40% of ergonomic desk sales are made using the 3D configurator,” says Lukas Jeznach.

From a technical standpoint, the 3D configurator from Arlity also simplifies the process of preparing production documentation at the BOK-carpentry line. Configured and ordered desks, in the form of QR codes, are sent to the carpentry workshop where employees receive precise instructions on how to prepare the product.

Konfigurator 3D produktów Arlity Ergonome biurka ergonomiczne case study

Ergonome 3D configurator in numbers

From a marketing perspective, Arlity has also ensured the delivery of statistical data. Ergonome’s 3D configurator features analytical functions that allow tracking not only the quantity of configurations generated by customers but also analyzing information on the use of AR applications to test the product in a room.

Statistical data from Ergonome’s AR application shows that nearly 20% of configurator users opt to use Augmented Reality to test the generated product in their own space. The conversion rate for desks independently designed using the configurator is 23% during the same user session.

Following this success, the Ergonome team has started actively promoting the configurator to increase awareness of the ability to customize desks according to customer needs and, of course, to boost sales using this tool. Each month of intensive promotion nearly doubles the number of configurations generated by customers, as confirmed by analytical data.

Distinctive among the competition

The configurator certainly serves as a standout feature for Ergonome compared to the competition. “We’ve received positive feedback from customers about using the configurator – mostly in phone conversations. They emphasize that it’s a significant convenience, often a decisive factor alongside the quality and functionality of Ergonome desks,” comments Sławomir Sury, Marketing Manager at Ergonome. “A large portion of our customers are programmers or individuals well-versed in modern technologies, viewing the configurator as an industry innovation. Through interacting with the configurator, they often make purchasing decisions or recommend the store and brand to their acquaintances, which builds the top layer of our sales funnel,” Sury adds.

Konfigurator 3D produktów Arlity Ergonome biurka ergonomiczne case study

The sales growth potential of Ergonome

At this moment, Ergonome still has significant potential for sales growth thanks to the desk configurator and AR application from Arlity, as well as the expansion of its product offerings. However, with such enthusiasm for innovation and openness to modern sales tools, the company certainly hasn’t uttered its final word when it comes to interesting projects and implementations on its platform.

Test the capabilities of the Ergonome 3D desk configurator and AR application: https://ergonome.pl/konfigurator/