Luxury goods represent a unique category of products. The highest quality of goods goes hand in hand with high prices and availability only to selected users. In the case of this group of products, perfect alignment with the customer’s expectations, preferences, and needs is particularly crucial. Luxury boats and yachts undoubtedly belong to such luxury goods. To meet the requirements of target customers and, above all, to enable distributors to configure the product according to customer specifications, creating detailed specifications and pricing based on this configuration, and to optimize the process of quoting and sales, Corsiva decided to implement a 3D configurator from Arlity. Equipped with augmented reality visualization capabilities, this tool allows for a detailed look at Corsiva’s success story as a boat and yacht manufacturer.

Corsiva boats and yachts - luxury product configuration

Corsiva is a Polish manufacturer of motor boats and yachts. It is a family-owned company with over 20 years of tradition in boat production, made from glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). Corsiva yachts and boats can be found throughout Europe. They are distinguished by modern design, proven and solid materials, and attention to the smallest details. These qualities have earned Corsiva a high level of trust among the most discerning users. The brand’s products also feature great flexibility in terms of boat equipment and customization to meet customer expectations. Corsiva offers 4 collections and several dozen basic models, allowing customers to tailor elements to their requirements during the configuration process.

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Boat and yacht configurator

Before implementing the current solution – the 3D configurator, Corsiva relied on a catalog-based configuration and technical specification sheet. While this method fulfilled basic functions by allowing order acceptance and detailed boat specification creation for production purposes, it also had significant drawbacks. One of the main disadvantages was the inability to visualize the product for customers in real-time, which is crucial for luxury products.

Furthermore, Corsiva’s boat and yacht sales involved not only the manufacturer but also distributors. For distributors, configuring and processing orders based on specifications and catalogs was challenging and time-consuming. To automate configuration, expedite the process, streamline order fulfillment, and provide customers with the highest level of service through product visualization, Corsiva sought a product configurator. The Arlity 3D configurator fully met the company’s needs and provided an additional premium value to customers – the ability to view product details through Augmented Reality.

The 3D configurator as a tool for B2B

The priority for Corsiva was to streamline operations and the quotation process for distributors. The product specification includes basic technical information, standard equipment, and optional additional equipment that can be customized according to customer needs. Optional equipment includes several elements that can alter the technical parameters of the boat—such as the steering system and electrical installation—as well as its appearance—such as hull color, deck equipment, seat color, and cushions. Particularly with decorative elements that influence the appearance, the multitude of options posed a challenge for distributors in the catalog configuration process.

On the other hand, in the collaboration between the distributor and the end customer, the selection of the appropriate hull color or textiles for the deck, from a very wide range of options, was based solely on the catalog. However, it did not allow for real-time presentation to the customer of color combinations and materials chosen in the configuration. There was a lack of visualization that would showcase the boat with a specific hull color in combination with seats in a particular upholstery, the wood chosen for the deck, or even the overall style of the boat. For premium customers, such visualization is extremely important, especially since purchasing a boat or yacht is a significant investment.

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3D Yachts and Boats Configurator

The problem of lack of visualization and simplification of the technical configuration of boats was solved by implementing a 3D configurator created for Corsiva by Arlity. Thanks to the 3D configurator, distributors and the manufacturer themselves can configure the boat in real time according to the customer’s specifications, presenting all visual changes on the screen instantly.

The configurator also allows for changing technical parameters in the same configuration process where visual and decoration changes are made. After selecting all desired options by the customer, the seller automatically receives a complete technical specification along with a 360-degree visualization, presenting all product details based on the generated 3D model specification.

In the case of Corsiva boats and yachts, the configurator does not automatically calculate the price of the boat, which was a decision made by the manufacturer. For orders involving multiple boats, the price is calculated individually and includes dedicated discounts applied by the distributor. For future development purposes, automatic cost calculation can be included in the Corsiva configurator at any time.

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Arlity 3D configurator

It was crucial that the 3D configurator from Arlity was designed to eliminate any configuration errors. In other words, the configurator’s features prevent, for example, the combination of elements that are not compatible, mutually exclusive, or do not fit together technically. This functionality is extremely important from the perspective of distributors, which was a top priority for Corsiva.

For the brand, it was important that the 3D configurator offered to its business partners was not a system-heavy tool, complicated to operate, or prone to failures. That’s why the manufacturer chose the Arlity 3D configurator.

Corsiva AR - Augmented Reality App

The generated 3D specification from the configurator also serves as an order confirmation for the end customer. However, the appearance of the boat is crucial. Visualizing the selected configuration parameters is facilitated through 3D visualization, and an extremely interesting complement to this is the Corsiva AR application, based on Augmented Reality technology. The application allows placing a virtual model of the boat generated in the configurator in any space, such as a distributor’s showroom. Interestingly, with the appropriate technical parameters of a smartphone or tablet, the application can “place” the virtual boat even on the surface of the water, giving the customer the most complete picture of the boat they are ordering.

Corsiva Design – 3D configurator for business partners and distributors

Corsiva provides its business partners and distributors with a 3D configurator tool on a dedicated partner panel. Through collaboration with Arlity, the Corsiva brand has gained solutions that transform the entire purchasing experience for premium products and luxury goods. The process of configuring a dream yacht or boat has become completely transparent for the end customer. Customers gain real-time 3D visualization of their boat and can inspect it in minute detail thanks to Augmented Reality visualization.

The 3D configurator available within the Corsiva Design panel is a significant facilitator in the process of generating technical specifications for production and order fulfillment for distributors and the manufacturer. Importantly, the functionalities of the 3D configurator help eliminate any configuration errors, which is crucial in the production fulfillment process.

Corsiva 3D configurator

Corsiva is an example of a client that consciously sought a tool fulfilling basic functional requirements for distributors while adding extra value in the relationship with end customers. For luxury goods, such meticulous attention to ensuring complete customer satisfaction right from the ordering stage, enhancing the waiting process for investment realization, and delivering an exceptional shopping experience are key to success. These are confirmed by the order fulfillment statistics of Corsiva boats, based on the use of Arlity’s 3D configurator.

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