Augmented Reality in B2B – tools for Sales REpresentatives – case study

Sales activities of competing companies in an increasingly saturated market require precision and personalization. This also applies at every level of marketing communication. Augmented Reality gives you the opportunity to visualize products and solutions that until now required prototype preparation. ARLITY tools solve the problem of presenting personalized products faced by mobile B2B representatives to date.

AR as a B2B marketing tool in the advertising industry – implementation description

Client:: Studio 55 – the largest in Poland and one of the largest in Europe producers of pneumatic advertising and exhibition systems, serving business clients and marketing agencies. Long-time sponsor of Tour De Pologne.

Goal: Dedicated platform for traders, a tool supporting B2B sales and facilitating the acceptance of visualizations.

Products: ARLITY 3D WebDesign, ARLITY AR Viewer.

Choosen solutions: The implementation effect is a platform dedicated to Studio55. Using it, a company representative can present the entire range of advertising products in 3D on the screen of an internet browser. It is possible to configure and personalize advertising products, such as tents, balloons, inflatables, advertising furniture and many other categories of exhibition and advertising products.

In addition, thanks to the dedicated mobile application based on the Augmented Reality technology (ARLITY AR Viewer), the customer can view personalized products in their environment: in the office or at the product display site.

The project was implemented with our partner, UpMe.

Customers’ benefits:

  • Sales representatives have received a sales support tool to personalize the offer. Before meeting with the client, the Representative can prepare initial suggestions for advertising products designed and branded for a specific client. He or she will do it quickly, using information obtained on a regular basis, without the need to support the graphics department.
  • Visualization of personalized products in the customer space. The mobile application allows to present the advertising products during a meeting with a client. It allows the client to see them in real sizes, in the location they will be displayed in, which allows for quicky verification of the design without having to manufacture and ship the prototype.
  • Product catalog – the customer can install the application and see all or selected products of the company live, using it instead of the traditional catalog.

Our representatives have gained excellent tools thanks to which they significantly increased the possibility of influencing the client. The process of preparation the projects and offers has been shortened. Product configuration is possible almost on an ongoing basis, the effect appeals to the imagination of customers and has a positive impact on sales.

See how the platform prepared in cooperation with our UpMe Partner works