Augmented Reality as an artist’s tool

Mikado Project by Igor Omulecki

Mikado is a project of the Polish artist Igor Omulecki, consisting of a dozen  premiere works in the area of post-photography.

The exhibition includes presentations of photographs, photo-objects and virtual sculptures, presented in augmented reality technology. Mikado is a journey through the images of nature and technology led in the footsteps of the creation process.

In the work on Mikado, the artist’s goal was to present the interior of building a picture. By showing the original gesture, the tool traces become as important as the recorded reality.

ARLITY supports the artist by providing solutions enabling the realization of his vision in augmented reality.

fot. Mikado

The crisis of photography and past ideas can lead us to a wider and more current perception of reality, which is a form of a complex, multilayered, fluid system, where all models of understanding the world and physical systems exist simultaneously. Ultimately, our perception and consciousness fetch / create what is currently available to our perception and understanding...”

Igor Omulecki

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