ABB introduces the Augmented Reality Support System for Remote Technicians

ABB is introducing Augmented Reality functionality into its Digital Enterprise Ability suite. The ABB Remote Insights service will provide the company’s field technicians with an Augmented Reality interface to communicate, share screens and documents, which will allow them to remotely guide the technician through specific tasks.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality in service activities

ABB indicates the following benefits of AR technology:

  • improving the performance of technicians working in remote locations in terms of speed and efficiency;
  • improvement of response time;
  • extended the life cycles of resources;
  • use for training purposes;
  • improving worker safety.


„With this technology, an ABB expert can guide remote field service personnel through a sequence of actions, for example to replace parts. A high-level remote support technician can see what the local user sees through the AR device and guide them through the service action.”

– explains Michael Kerley, Research and Development Manager in the field of quality control of pulp and paper as well as network imaging systems at ABB.

The system will be used in conjunction with an AR headset or mixed reality kit such as Hololens glasses, Google Glass Enterprise or Vuzix AR. The advantage of such a solution is undoubtedly free hands of employees and the possibility to do the work. According to ABB, the system can also work on smartphones, tablets and other wearing devices..

ABB has been implementing AR and VR technology in its operations for years. In 2016, ABB introduced the concept of using AR to remotely control and configure factory robots:

More about AR in ABB:

Source: Design News